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Aug. 22nd, 2007


i disappear for a while, then post quizzes?

IQ Test Score


May. 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

ahahaha i lost the password to my livejournal, and i didn't even think of doing a password reset until... like, now.

i'm back in ABQ, working at Starbucks (I40/San Mateo), taking classes (Phil156/BellyDance), generally being very tired and reclusive and awkward all the time. rock!

one day: real entries.

Apr. 3rd, 2007


On Vox: hello (again):

oh, why hello Vox!  i'd almost forgotten about you.
let's see, now.  how to begin.

things worth mentioning
(either recent events or facts about me)

1.  i like love to fuck around with text formatting.

on Friday, T and I went to The Mill   (a bar/restaurant/performance space
in downtown Iowa City)  for a night of music.   playing  were Goldenbirds,
Skursula,  Baby Teeth, and  Tilly and the Wall.   It  was  heart-stoppingly
good.   i haven't felt so alive in a very long time.   no words can describe.

2.   i went to Uni Counseling Services today for an...  evaluation of sorts.
      it was decided my best course of action is to talk to  student health's
      psyhiatrists, to get different opinions on my current medications.  eh.

3.  apparently, even when i'm convinced of my failure, my performance in class
      or on tests and exams proves differently.  b u t i still won't do my homework.

Doug and i have very different ideas of what makes a good movie.
 the perils of being an   "artist",   and having a comedian boyfriend.
we do agree on what makes a    shitty    movie    though,     haha.

i went to  Des Moines this weekend to visit my brother and sister-in-law.
i was there for a grand total of  [exactly]  2 4  hours, and in that time, we
went out to eat  three  times,   and watched  two and half movies, plus a
marathon of American Gladiators.     this was a lot,    because i typically
don't watch tv, but you know what?    it was okay.    i was content, and i
wasn't  restless  or  bored.      i   was   just   happy   to  be   with   them.

i don't know why some of these little
bits of information are numbered and
others  are  not.      it  is  a  mystery.

4.  my favorite movie of all time is All Dogs Go To Heaven.

i have  not been to my speech class
in  two days.   i should   e mail   my
professor   and explain my situation.
and   i  should  do  it       right   now.

Originally posted on estrellada.vox.com

Mar. 20th, 2007



Things that hold my interest lately:

Spunk. Mmmhmm.
Carmax. I'm looking for a car, irrationally. I would like one, anyway, though the possibilities for me getting one are slim, even if it is a slightly inexpensive one. Ideally, I'd like an older Honda CRV, or a new Honda Fit. They're fierce and cheap.
Vox. Oooh if I could get people to join this, it would completely extinguish the need for multiple websites on which to... do stuff. It's MySpace, LiveJournal, DeviantART, Photobucket, YouTube, and fucking everything in one! I love it.
AK Press. If I could afford to buy more [anarcho]books, I would.
CrimethInc.. ... but these people took my [anarcho]book money! I finished Days of War, Nights of Love some time ago, but I'm reading it again because I'm using it for my comic project -- I abandoned my original idea. Whatevs.
Palahniuk's Writing Workshop. Best. Writing Resource. Ever!

Really, I need to write an entry... a real one. Not just excuses for one.
Until then, this is the [MySpace] blog I wrote about the first half of my Spring Break:Collapse )

You can tell I grew progressively more tired as I wrote that, haha.

And an extension, in which I get a little sappy and weird. I also consider these events retrospectfully, for lack of a better word?Collapse )

Now I'm tired and sad.

I slept twelve hours last night, not my usual four. I shouldn't be allowed to be tired.

Feb. 26th, 2007




the art avalanche

I can be brown, I can be blue, I can be Violet Sky.Collapse )
But tell us how you're really feeling.

Feb. 20th, 2007


(no subject)

i worked out at fitness loft east for the first time today and it was fantastic!

i weighed myself afterwards, and it said 133.

i am dubious.

Feb. 18th, 2007



there is a pound of chocolate sitting on my desk. it belongs to Alex, but he doesn't want to eat it because he's sooo fat, and knowing him, he would just sit down and eat it all at once. so he gave it to Theresa to hide. and she gave it to me. since i don't eat chocolate. i'm the only one not likely to just take it and eat it.

i finally did my laundry, four machines worth.

i feel like things should be coming together, and they have been - particularly academically.

but i feel like i'm unraveling at the seams.
my skin is falling apart, away, bit by bit by molecule by atom by nucleus by proton.

Jan. 31st, 2007


(no subject)

Storybook LifeCollapse )

one day, remind me to tell you about everything.

Jan. 27th, 2007



A Question, by ____Collapse )

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